Adam Szczepaniak

Adam Szczepaniak

Professor, Physics
Director, Nuclear Theory Center

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Scattering Theory

Fall 2020 | PHYS-P 665

In the past two decades we have witnessed a Renaissance in hadron spectroscopy. The discovery of a plethora of exotic resonance candidates, especially in heavy quarkonium systems, sheds new light on strong interaction phenomenology. To properly interpret the new and precise data emerging from hadron experiments and to make connections with the underlying theory of strong interactions, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the reaction mechanisms. This course will review the general old principles of S-matrix theory in relation to the new phenomena in hadron and quark-gluon physics.

Students from IU and University of Bonn will collaborate on research projects related to the experimental analysis and the theoretical interpretation of data collected recently from experiments at CERN in Europe and the Jefferson Lab in the US. The Global Classroom initiative will seed longer term collaborations between students from both sides of the Atlantic.