Stuart Schrader

Stuart Schrader

Clinical Associate Professor
Indiana University School of Dentistry, 
Comprehensive Care and Biomedical Sciences

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IUSD Global Oral Health Student Research Program Elective: Intercultural Bridges

Fall 2022 | IM111

The course’s main objective is intended to promote greater awareness, appreciation and understanding for cross-cultural global oral health care and the integration of technologies within clinical dental practices. The overall theme of the course is centered on cross-cultural implications & considerations involved in various contemporary dental behavioral patient management topics. This newly designed inter-cultural hybrid research topic seminar and team-based research project course is intended to promote further understandings for how to build out comparative cross-cultural research. Small teams of students will design, develop and complete a research proposal that will eventually result in the submission and intended presentation of completed research at the school’s research day and additionally at an external oral health care conference.