Our Impact

A person wearing an IU t-shirt speaks in front of students standing at desks.

Books and Beyond (and beyond)

Find out how IU faculty and students have built programs and connections throughout Rwanda.

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A finger points to rice grains in a hand.

Assessing the health risk of chemicals 

Learn how assessing the toxicity of chemicals in rice could inform new government regulations in China.

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A person in front of a projector screen smiles at someone off camera.

Studying IT in India

Read about IU Kelley School of Business students’ trip to New Delhi, where they learned the ins and outs of global information technology sourcing.

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The observation deck of the Berlin television tower.

Maximizing the impact of philanthropy

Read about the international release in Germany of the Global Philanthropy Environment Index.

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A student with a violin and another with a cello sit on a couch and talk.

Partners in performance

Discover a collaboration between IU Jacobs Schools of Music’s New Music Ensemble and musicians from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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Find out what else IU does around the world—and at home

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