International Development Fellowship

The purpose of the International Development Fellowship Program is to provide opportunities for IU students, to engage with international visitors as International Development Fellows (IDFs). This opportunity is a collaboration among the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs (OVPIA) and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (OVPDEMA).

Program details

A total of two IU students (one undergraduate and one graduate) will be selected as IDFs to support and engage with the 25 international visitors from sub-Saharan Africa known as Mandela Washington Fellows (MWFs) who will come to IU in summer 2022 as part of a prestigious program sponsored by the US Department of State.  The MWF program at IU is directed by the Office of International Development (OID), a unit of OVPIA.

As an IDF, you will  spend 10-20 hours per week with the MWFs, immersing yourself in the cultures and backgrounds of these inspiring young leaders from across sub-Saharan Africa, without the  expense or time commitment of long-distance travel. Professionally, you will gain skills and experiences in cross-cultural engagement, communication, and leadership that will be highly valued by employers in your future career. 

IDFs are expected to participate in the program from May 30 to July 16, 2022. This is a paid opportunity with  a compensation of up to $3,000.

How to apply

Interested applicants -- full time domestic IU Bloomington undergraduate and graduate students -- are invited to submit their applications online no later than Sunday, May 15, 2022.

Apply now

Please be prepared to submit or upload:

  • A short (max 200 word) personal statement explaining your interest in the IDF program,
  • A current resume of 1-2 pages
  • A 1-page cover letter addressing
    • Why you are interested in the opportunity,
    • Your interest in cultural diversity and international affairs,
    • How you will apply what you learn from the IDF in your academic, personal, and professional readiness, and
    • Anything else you would like the selection committee to know about you.

All applicants will be notified of their status by email no later than Friday, May 20.

Selection process

Selection of IDFs will be merit-based, and applications will be reviewed and selected by a joint team from OVPIA/OID and OVPDEMA. Each applicant must:.

  • Be a full-time, domestic IU Bloomington undergraduate or graduate student,
  • Have an interest in diversity and learning about other cultures,
  • Have an interest in international topics,
  • Have an interest in international travel but not yet able to travel abroad,
  • Be willing to engage with and learn from global citizens, and
  • Be available on campus from May 30 – July 16, 2022.

As an IDF, you will be obligated to meet certain expectations. The program staff will allow some flexibility concerning your participation and contribution as appropriate; however, if selected, it will be important for you to communicate any scheduling concerns well in advance.


As an IDF, you will be required to:

  • Attend IDF Orientation(s) with OID and OVPDEMA early June 2022.
  • Engage with MWFs as directed by OID.
  • Participate in program sessions as arranged/agreed, committing no fewer than 10 hours/week during the period May 30 - July 16, 2022.
  • Submit several short Personal Reflection reports on your learning and experience, sharing what you have learned as a result of your IDF experience and how the program will impact your academic, personal, or career future . Reports will be due
    • At the end of MWF Week 2 (by Sunday, June 19),
    • At the end of MWF Week 4 (by Sunday, July 3), and
    • At the end of MWF Week 6 (by Sunday, July 17, upon the conclusion of your IDF experience)

Learning outcomes

During this experience you will:

  • Enhance your career profiles: Make your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile stand out by showcasing valuable practical skills gained as an IDF (communication, cultural competence, diversity, and leadership)
  • Enhance your communication skills: You will be taught about the communication differences of others and how to more effectively engage with people from other backgrounds or cultures.
  • Enhance your critical thinking and reflection skills: Your perspectives and core beliefswill be impacted through this experience, including many opportunities to reflect and think critically about how you view others from diverse backgrounds.
  • Enhance your intercultural competence: As an IDF participant, you will acquire insight into others’ experiences, including their cultures and ways of life. Additionally, you will enhance your own self-awareness.
  • Enhance your leadership skills: As an IDF participant, you will assist in providing guidance and direction for the exchange visitors, as well as facilitating discussions on subject matters or topics in which you have experience or training.