Institutional Development

Institutional development in emerging and developing economies the world over

Developing higher education teaching and research capacities is one of the most effective mechanisms to address socio-economic challenges in developing countries. It is crucial to partner and collaborate with higher education institutions in these countries to develop technical expertise and enhance problem-solving research.

As IU’s multidisciplinary center for coordinating international institutional development efforts, the Office of International Development has a long history of collaborations with institutions of higher education and government and nongovernmental organizations all over the world.

Such collaborations provide technical support and training towards developing human capital and improved research, education, and training systems, as well as promoting innovation, competitiveness, and self-reliance. We also host leadership programs and exchanges that help young people get the skills they need to become change agents and succeed in their home countries.

Our history

One of IU’s earliest technical assistance initiatives involved strengthening elementary and secondary school curricula in the Philippines in 1908. Beginning in 1945, under President Herman B Wells’ leadership, our commitment to international institution building expanded to many overseas educational development projects.

IU was one of the four founding members of the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities and remained a member until 2001. From the early 1970s to 1995, under the leadership of Drs. William Siffin and Phillip Morgan, the International Development Institute and the Program of Advanced Studies in Institution Building and Technical Assistance Methodology placed IU in the forefront of teaching and research on issues of development administration and international technical assistance.

Today, IU’s tradition of teaching, research, and service to international development and institution building is an integral part of the university’s systemwide curriculum.

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Seminars and workshops

We also organize shorter workshops and seminars on a variety of topics of interest to visiting scholars, government and nongovernmental organizations, and overseas sponsors.

When preparing workshops, we draw upon the research and expertise of IU faculty and staff, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, private businesses, and technical specialists from throughout the United States as determined by the needs of the participants.

We have collaborated with units within IU to develop seminars, workshops, and presentations on the following topics:

  • Civic Education for Newly Independent States
  • Instructional Systems Technology for Corporate Training
  • Distance Education Applications in Higher Education
  • Masters Training for Electronics Engineers
  • Fundraising for Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Management for Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Public Relations in Higher Education
  • Business Management for Journalists and Broadcasters
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