Intercultural Competence

Complete 4 sessions to earn the certificate.

  • Complete at least one session from each category listed below.
  • You can also attend an intercultural event and submit a short impact paragraph (writing prompts provided) in lieu of one session.

Session categories

+ Available only on Canvas.
* Session can count towards the Knowledge or Attitude category.
** Hybrid - session will be offered online and in person (on some campuses)

Cultural events at IU

Visit IU-Bloomington's and IUPUI's international offices to find global events being planned by students and departments.  Any event that provides exposure to a culture (domestic or international) will satisfy the Attitude component.

Additional resources

Explore resources that our ICC trainers have identified to help you on your intercultural competence journey.

ICC Training

We currently have a small group of staff piloting this program, but are interested in growing to meet the interest of stakeholders across IU. Learn more about the current trainers leading the session and consider joining the group and becoming a trainer yourself.

Rendy Schrader
Director, Student
and Scholar Advising

Domonic Potorti
Senior Student Advisor


Teresa Witcher
Senior Scholar Advisor

Christina Fidel
Director of Client Services

Rachel Salinas
Director, International Admissions

Becca Trestler
Assistant Director, Special Programs

Daniel Whitmer
Associate Director, Sponsored
Student Services

Ann Kimble
Assistant Research Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Lesley E. Davis
Assistant Dean for International Programs

Xin Chen
Lecturer, Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills Department