Powering global engagement through philanthropy

Global engagement is in Indiana University's DNA. From enrolling its first international student in the mid-1800s, to cultivating our 250+ international partnership agreements with universities around the world, to being the 5th ranked American university sending students to study abroad, Indiana University is a global institution like no other. With 75,000 international alumni, and 52,000 alumni having studied abroad during their time at IU, almost 140,000 alumni had an international experience at IU.

It is no surprise that philanthropy drives our excellence in global engagement: our $20 million bicentennial scholarship campaign sends an additional 400 students abroad each year; the $18 million Ferguson International Center received critical support from gifts by alumni, faculty, and staff; and we continue to attract international students through merit-based scholarships started by some our most prominent international alumni.

You too can play a role in IU’s continued excellence in international engagement. If you believe crossing borders creates a confidence, resilience and flexibility that staying at home can’t; if you believe that preparing students for a global economy and marketplace is a must have aspect of a 21st century education; if you believe that partnering with excellent international universities, nonprofits, and corporations on global challenges is a boon for Indiana, the United States, and the world: Let’s talk. 

Our priorities

Global academic mobility

Welcoming students from all over the world, outbound study abroad, on-campus experiences, and the IU Honors Program in Foreign Langauges for high school students

International student emergency aid

Providing financial support when international at every level students need it most

Curriculum and campus internationalization

Bringing global opportuntites to all IU campuses and all disciplines, strengthening global career readiness

Global academic partnerships

Connecting IU with world-class universities in every corner of the globe

International development

Sharing IU expertise and collaborating on creative innovation with the developing world

Global Gateway Network

Expanding IU's global presence to five physical locations around the globe

Peter Boonjarern

Peter Boonjarern

Director of Development, Asia 

Roy Hooper

Director of Global Engagement

Paige Thomas

Associate Director of Global Engagement

Krissy Klein

Executive Assistant