0:00 I actually had tears in my eyes at the end of that class.
0:02 I went and hugged my professor for introducing me to something so beautiful.
0:11 My U.S. experience started when I was 17 years old,
0:14 and I landed up on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.
0:17 Bloomington is just the most beautiful town.
0:20 Whether it's fall, winter, spring or summer,
0:23 It's just a sight to see.
0:25 A simple walk across the campus was just enough
0:27 to brighten up my day.
0:29 University is huge and there are various academic programs that
0:32 you can try out.
0:33 It's really upto you what you make out of it.
0:36 So, for me, myself, I switched my major twice.
0:39 I went in with an intention to study business and then I
0:42 jumped around the idea of studying fashion merchandising
0:44 or going to the art school and then I finally landed up
0:46 in the school of informatics and computing and I found
0:49 my perfect match there.
0:51 I got a practical opportunity to work in
0:53 a non-profit clinic within the school of informatics called Serve IT
0:57 and I made some wonderful friends there.
0:58 It was also my gateway into the beautiful community of Bloomington.
1:01 Checking out local artisans who used to present their work in the farmers market every
1:05 Saturday morning or going to the little art galleries
1:08 across the town square.
1:09 So, there was a thing where we used to put our feet up in the sky,
1:13 against the wall at the art museum at night where the lights would be on.
1:16 Things like that what made my experience so enriching.
1:19 If there is one piece of advice that I can offer to anyone is to
1:22 never be afraid to ask for help because there are amazing people out there
1:25 to help you at every step of the way, who are going through the same things as you.
1:30 So, just have the courage to ask and say yes to every new opportunity that comes your way.