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You’re at the heart of our international efforts

IU’s faculty are at the forefront of our efforts to promote global engagement. We are committed to supporting your international research, creative pursuits, and teaching through partnerships and exchange programs with institutions overseas; helping you navigate the policies and procedures governing international activities; and offering various grants, including those to help you create or strengthen collaborations, develop study abroad programs or bring distinguished visitors to campus.

Global Connections

Tap into IU's extensive international network of contacts and resources to help you connect with people, organizations, and opportunities across the world. Work with IU Global staff to brainstorm ideas and make the process easy. Find an international expert, easy peer-to-peer connections, flexible exchanges, and ongoing conversations.

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OVPIA funding opportunities

As travel slowly resumes, OVPIA is ready to help you re-engage with your international research or creative activity or, perhaps, pursue delayed opportunities for collaboration and professional development with several grants and targeted programs. Based on recent reviews of our internal faculty funding programs, including a 2019 university-wide faculty survey, we have modified our competitive grant categories for overseas activities. Our goal is not only to achieve better alignment between funding opportunities and faculty needs, but also to ensure that our use of resources advances IU’s strategic priorities in global engagement.

Grants that support faculty activity overseas

Faculty Exchange Programs

Enhance your research with an exchange program. IU partners with the world’s leading institutions of higher education to offer faculty and librarians unique opportunities abroad.

Deadline: December 1 (for the following summer or academic year)

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Global Gateway Grant

Engage in a wide range of activities and collaborate with our Global Gateways in Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Mexico City, and New Delhi.

Deadline: rolling

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Overseas Study Program Development

Develop a new faculty-led study abroad program – with 2021/22 focus on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Deadlines: Nov 1 & Feb 1

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International Collaboration

Visit a current or prospective partner university to strengthen or explore collaboration in teaching, research, or creative activity. There are two tiers of funding: smaller exploratory grants and larger grants to support teams of faculty on collaborative work with colleagues at established partners.

Exploratory deadline: rolling

Research deadline: Nov 1 & Feb 1

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International Mobility

Travel for individual research or creative pursuits, including conference participation, archival research, and other short-term activities (for one-time trips, not related to an ongoing IU partnership).

Deadlines: Oct 1, Feb 1, Apr 1, & Jul 1

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Grants that support campus internationalization

Global Classroom Fellowship

Partner with a foreign university virtually to teach a parallel course with a student project that spans borders. OVPIA can help connect you to an international partner.

Deadline: April 1, 2023

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UNSDG Research Competition

Become a faculty mentor and support your students as they develop research projects based on work related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Please note that submissions for this competition originate from the student.

Deadline: April 7, 2022

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Short-Term Visitor

Explore funding for travel expenses to bring distinguished visitors to your campus for events.

Deadline: rolling

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Additional funding opportunities

If you are a faculty member at IUPUI (and IUFW or IUPUC), you can apply for OIA Funding Grants through the Office of International Affairs, designed to promote global learning at home, innovation in study abroad, and research, teaching, and community engagement around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Office of the Vice President for Research also offers a number of resources to  help faculty fund their work, within and outside of the university.