For Faculty

You’re at the heart of our international efforts

Our faculty and visiting scholars lead the way in our efforts to promote global engagement. We support international research and teaching through partnerships and exchange programs with institutions of higher education overseas, tools for navigating the policies and procedures governing international activities, and various grants, including those to help you develop study abroad programs or bring distinguished visitors to campus.

OVPIA funding opportunities

The pandemic has disrupted many plans and programs for international engagement, and we are all eager for them to get back on track. In the meantime, we’re working on innovative ways to foster and promote international collaborations this year.

Take advantage of international research resources

Whether you need funding or are in search of a high-speed network that enables you to share large amounts of data with overseas partners, we can help.

Learn more about international research resources

If you are a faculty member at IUPUI (and IUFW or IUPUC), you can apply for OIA Funding Grants through the Office of International Affairs, designed to promote global learning at home, innovation in study abroad, and research, teaching, and community engagement around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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