Past Projects

Ending 1990–1999

Through university visits and teleconferencing, an international team of U.S. and U.K. higher education finance professionals consulted with the Hong Kong Task Force to look at how Hong Kong universities could implement Responsibility Center Management.

ATU Program Training and Placement, an intensive pre-university preparation and competitive placement program, was delivered to Malaysian students preparing to study at IU and across the United States. The effort combined individualized programming with test preparation, intensive English, and enrollment in IU courses.

Expanding on the South Africa Internship Program in 1995, 24 mid-career professional interns from Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Malawi were placed across the United States for six- to eight-week internships.

In anticipation of the goals for 2020, a seminar on management of higher education was sponsored jointly by the University of Malaya, Trisatki University, and Indiana University. The focus of the Jakarta meeting was information gathering and strategic planning.

The Caspian Sea Consortium/Mobil Oil Training Program was an eight-week program of English language, computer literacy, and public relations training designed and conducted for a Mobil-sponsored Kazakhstani participant.

We were awarded a one-year contract to provide pre-academic training and placement under the Advanced Studies and Placement PETRONAS Program for students from Malaysia.

In partnership with the University of Malaya and ICC Consulting, Inc. of Malaysia, OID conducted a week-long seminar in Malaysia on university budgeting and management for 40 senior officials from Malaysia’s public universities and Ministry of Education.

In IU’s role as a sub-contractor in a USAID-funded project, the TIP II Training Internship Program provided individually tailored two-month professional internship programs for seven mid-career participants from Poland, Romania, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in areas of telecommunications, education, business, and public administration.

As part of the USIA International Visitor Project in Higher Education Administration, more than 70 participants from 60 countries were provided with week-long seminars on U.S. higher education administration. The seminars, with support from USIA and in cooperation with the Institute of International Education, covered topics including recruitment and retention of students, fundraising, responsibility-centered management, alumni relations, faculty governance, student personnel administration, library administration, use of advanced educational technologies, and state funding and oversight in public universities.

With funding from the Kellogg and Ford Foundations, together with the Eli Lilly Corporation, services were delivered to Khanya College in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The project reviewed syllabi, vetted final exams, exchanged faculty, and provided consultation services and external examination of courses.

Over the life of the ITM/MUCIA Cooperative Program, more than 4,000 Malaysian government-sponsored students were part of a “twinning program” in which they were able to take IU courses offered by U.S. faculty in Malaysia. Intensive English language instruction was provided before students took their first two years of undergraduate instruction in Malaysia in areas of pre-engineering, pre-business, and computer sciences. They then transferred (via IU placement assistance) to more than 160 different universities (including IU) throughout the United States to complete bachelor’s degree programs.

Ten Canadian and Mexican participants attended a three-day NAFTA seminar in higher education administration developed in cooperation with the Institute of International Education.

We designed and directed a placement program for 200 Japanese undergraduates transferring to the United States from an ESL program operated in Japan by the University of Nevada, Reno.

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