Institutional Development

Empowering change in the developing world

IU has been a leader in institutional development work for more than a century. The Office of International Development is at the heart of IU’s efforts to create global projects and partnerships that improve lives and strengthen institutional and individual capacity in developing countries.

Relying primarily on external funding, we work in collaboration with higher-education institutions, government entities, and nongovernmental organizations all over the world. Our office provides technical support and training towards developing human capital and improved research, education, and training systems, as well as promoting innovation, competitiveness, and self-reliance. We also host leadership programs and exchanges that help young people get the skills they need to become change agents in their home countries.

A network for good

Coordinating resources and faculty expertise across IU campuses and departments, we lead and manage grant-funded initiatives and serve as a university hub for international development activities.

Meet some of the individuals who have benefited from our initiatives and who continue to be forces for positive change around the world.  

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