Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Senior Lecturer
IUB - Kelley School of Business

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Student curiosity sky-rocketed when they connected a REAL person, a classmate, to the country we were studying. They asked amazing questions of one another.

Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Global Intelligence

Fall 2020  | H238

Global Intelligence partners IU students with Burmese resettled refugees and with college students at the National Management Degree Program in Myanmar.

Comparing Burmese nationals’ perspectives to those of Burmese immigrants exemplifies diversity within cultures. Students develop a global mindset and a deeper understanding of the refugee resettlement experience, and learn to recognize cultural signals and bridge cultural gaps. Through self-reflection and working in a multi-cultural situation, students learn their own cultural proclivities and practice empathy.

International partner

National Management Degree College

Yangon, Myanmar

Faculty counterpart

Aye Thanda Soe


It was great to work with our peers in Burma because it offered a more informed perspective as we created our final reports. It was also interesting to see how people from other countries viewed the United States! This insight was much more valuable than what any article or statistic could provide, and it gave our final projects more meaning than an average research project.

- IU Student Participant