Francesco Marchionne

Francesco Marchionne

IUB - Kelley School of Business, Economics and Public Policy

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You cannot change the future if you don't change your perspective.

Francesco Marchionne

European Economic Integration

Fall 2020  | C255

While the European Union has long been the largest and most developed political experiment of economic regional integration ever, it was severely compromised by internal issues, Brexit, immigration, stagnant economic growth, global financial crisis, and COVID-19 pandemic. These shocks have caused serious concerns about the future of the integration process.

This course is paired with an equivalent class at the University of Bari in Italy. Joint teams of IU and Italian students will develop an online research project on specific issues affecting the European Union. Students will learn not only how to collaborate in an international team and how to do academic research, but also how the experience of the European Union can help to understand the problems of every integrated area (included the US).