William Helling

William Helling

Lecturer and Associate Program Director, Library and Information Science
IUPUI - School of Informatics and Computing

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Information Structures for the Web

Spring 2021  |  S604

Students in William Helling’s course, Information Structures for the Web, will partner with students at Haaga-Helia University in Helsinki, Finland. All students cover principles, methods, and techniques to develop web sites and digital services. This course emphasizes the work needed to create valid, accessible, and usable information displays for a global audience. Such effort requires development in both technical as well as conceptual skills. Information delivery today is most often through a screen of some sort, whether it be a desktop monitor, a tablet, a smartphone, or other device. Students need to know how users receive that information and what must be done to accommodate them. Native-English speakers and those who work in English as their second language will combine their insights in international communication. Through collaboration in a multi-cultural environment, students become aware of their own cultural bias and tendencies.