Sandra Kuebler

Sandra Kuebler

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IUB - College of Arts & Sciences, Linguistics

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Appying Machine Learning Techniques in CL

Spring 2021  | LING L665 / CSCI B659

"L665 is a graduate course that focuses on introducing machine learning techniques used in Computational Linguistics. The course will provide an introduction to machine learning, along with a range of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, including neural networks. The approach will be problem-oriented and contain a large practical component in which students will learn how to develop ML approaches to problems in CL, including how to select and extract linguistics features for CL problems. Students will work on a final project on abusive language detection.

This course is part of the Global Classroom Initiative. This means that the last 4 weeks of the course will be taught in collaboration with a course at the University of Hamburg (UH), Germany. Students will collaborate across countries on their final project, with IU students providing the machine learning expertise, and UH students will provide expertise in data annotation."