Iman Alramadan

Iman Alramadan

Senior Lecturer, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
IU - Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

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Minorities in the Middle East

Spring 2023  | A475

This Arabic course is a collaborative effort between Indiana University, American University in Cairo, and American University in Beirut, providing students with a unique opportunity to engage with their peers from around the world. The course will explore the experiences and representations of ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East and Arab World through a variety of academic and non-academic sources. To deepen students' understanding of the topic, the course will feature guest speakers from the Arab World and provide students with the opportunity to participate in a cross-cultural exchange and generate new ideas as a group. The course's focus on ethnic and religious minorities will foster an atmosphere of active engagement and encourage students to ask questions, share their opinions, and participate in dynamic discussions. Through this cooperative learning experience, students will develop valuable skills in communication, critical thinking, and collaboration, and enhance their cultural competence and appreciation for diversity.