Alexis Peirce Caudell

Alexis Peirce Caudell

IU Bloomington - Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

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Computer and Information Ethics

Spring 2023 | INFO-I453

This course explores the ethical issues that arise in the context of designing and using computing and information technologies (ICTs)—in a global context.

In this course you will explore different values, reflect on your values, and consider how the ways in which we apply values to different situations may be different from that of our best friends, family members, and colleagues around the world.

As part of the course’s focus on global perspectives and understanding you will have an opportunity to discuss and collaborate with graduate students at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda through IU’s Global Classroom initiative.

Why focus on global and international perspectives? Technology is global, as are its ethical dilemmas. Post graduation you may find yourself working for international companies, and or with colleagues around the world. If you are going to solve problems—tackle ethical dilemmas—you need to understand the perspectives of those with the same and different backgrounds and cultures, in order to propose solutions that reduce or minimize harm.

This course will help you to develop, articulate, and refine your own ethical thinking; analyze the information you encounter in light of ethical theory; and argue your position effectively, giving consideration to global values and understanding.