International Administrators

Find your designated international administrator

If you are IU faculty or staff, speak to the designated administrator in your unit before pursuing an agreement for international activities with a partner. For any offices not listed, consult with your division head before moving forward with a proposal for an agreement.

IU Bloomington administrators

  • Primary contact: Russell Valentino,
  • Secondary contact: Carolyn Lantz,

Peg Faimon,

  • Primary contact: Ash Soni,
  • Secondary contact (undergraduate program): Tia Trueblood,
  • Secondary contact (M.B.A. program): Rachel Fleishman,

Vesna Dimitrieska, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Global Education Initiatives

Doug Goldstein,

Andrea Ciccarelli,

Primary contact: Erik Stolterman,
Secondary contact: Tiana Iruoje,

Lesley Davis,

Marion Frank-Wilson,

Walter Gantz,


Jeffrey Perotti,

Primary contact: Bradley Heim,
Secondary contact: David Audretsch,

  • Primary contact: Carrie Docherty,
  • Secondary contact: Justin Otten,

David Daleke,

IUPUI administrators

Jennifer Lee,

Michael Kowolik,

Jeremy Price,

Timothy Diemer,

Rafael Bahamonde,

Kristina Sheeler,

Karen Bravo,

Thomas Upton,

Peter Nalin,

Jan Buelow,

  • Primary contact: Una Osili,
  • Secondary contact: Cathie Carrigan,

Suzanne Babich,

Jane Williams,

Beth Wahler,

Regional campus administrators

If you are faculty and staff on one of IU’s regional campuses, you should work closely with your dean or division head.

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