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Step 3: Set up your IU email account and read our information technology policies

All scholars must create an IU Exchange email account in order to access the university’s services and resources, including wireless internet, on-campus computers, and university library resources. Our staff will notify you when it is possibe for you to set up an email account, typically one month prior to your program start date. Follow the instructions carefully. You will need your IU identificaton number. It is listed on the cover page that you received with your DS-2019 form. 

After you have set up your IU email account, we recommend that you forward all messages from that account to the primary email account you use (for example, your home university account). Instructions to set up email forwarding can be found in IU’s Knowledge Base:

Why forward email? Some scholars send scanned materials or other electronic research materials to their IU email account. After your exchange program ends, you immediately lose access to your IU email account. As a result, you might lose any materials that you sent to that account.

Create your IU Exchange email account

Review IU’s IT policies

Review Indiana University’s policies on the ethical use of information technology and the university’s network. Violations are taken seriously and may result in the disabling of your access to all resources and services through the university network. Serious violations may also jeopardize your ability to remain at Indiana University and return in the future.

Health insurance coverage

If you are not receiving health insurance from IU, you will need to purchase health insurance through Indiana University or be prepared to file a waiver if your current health insurance meets the minimum requirement. IU’s Office of International Services (OIS) has helpful online resources about the health insurance coverage offered through Indiana University (International Plan with Anthem). 

Scholars who receive health insurance from IU will be enrolled in the IU International Plan with Anthem. OIS has more information about the plan.

Learn more about health insurance at IU