Graduate Exchange Programs

Eligibility and guidelines

To apply, you may be a graduate student from any discipline, department, or IU campus and must be making normal academic progress. 

You must be enrolled at IU while you are abroad and have sufficient funds to cover any enrollment costs. These exchange programs do not include fee remissions or other financial aid to cover the costs of enrolling in courses or research credit hours.

If you previously participated in an OVPIA-administered exchange program, you may reapply; however, priority is given to applicants who have not previously participated. Please be aware that some partner universities limit extensions or repeat participation.

Before you apply

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the pros and cons of participating in the exchange program, including whether it will be beneficial to your degree progress and/or academic and professional goals. Also consider the timing of your potential participation and any obstacles or challenges that might affect your choice. On your application, you will be asked to indicate that you met with your academic advisor.

If you are an international student at IU, you must ensure that you qualify for a visa in the destination country for the exchange program. You must meet with an international services advisor on your campus to determine if you are eligible to participate and to find out the enrollment requirements to maintain your visa status while you’re abroad. On your application, you will be asked to confirm that you have met with an international services advisor and are eligible for a visa to study or do research in the country where the program is located.

If foreign language proficiency is required for the exchange program and you are not a native speaker of that language, you must ask a qualified evaluator (e.g., a current or former instructor) to submit an online language evaluation form attesting to your foreign language proficiency. The evaluation form must be submitted by the application deadline. Scores from a language assessment exam offered by a foreign language department/program are a reasonable substitute; scan and upload a copy of your scores with the application as prompted. Native speakers are not required to provide documentation of their language proficiency.

Determine whether you have sufficient financial resources to maintain enrollment at IU while you participate in the exchange. Ask your department about how your participation might affect any existing financial support you’re receiving from IU or other sources, such as scholarships, fellowships, or assistantships. Research your eligibility for other financial aid. Be sure to consider other costs, such as subleasing your apartment and storing your personal possessions while you are abroad.

Prepare your application materials

On the application form, you will upload a proposal of 600–900 words (double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins) describing your intended activities for study, research, and/or professional development. In the proposal, you should make a compelling case for how the exchange program will constitute an integral part of a well-conceived graduate degree program. If you plan to focus on research, you should identify in your proposal a faculty member(s) at the partner institution with whom you would like to work during your stay. Be sure to include any additional information required by your desired program.

You should ask two faculty members (preferably at IU) to write letters of recommendation for you. On the application, you will be asked to provide the name and email address of both recommenders. Once the application is submitted, the recommenders will receive an email with a request to send their letters to the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs. We suggest that you follow up with your recommenders to confirm that they sent their letters.

Questions? Contact Shawn Reynolds at

Application deadline for 2022-2023 participation

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are still being accepted for programs that are marked "open" above. Before you apply, check with Shawn Reynolds at to be certain the program of interest to you is still open.

Ready to apply?

Double-check to be certain you have all of your materials before you start the application. 

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Funding for exchange participants

If you are selected to participate in an exchange program, you will receive funding to cover most of your expenses, including round-trip economy airfare, board, and lodging. For all programs, Indiana University will enroll you in an international health insurance plan, currently GeoBlue. 

All funding support from IU will be posted as a fellowship award to your student (bursar) account approximately ten days before the start of the semester in which you will be traveling abroad. Any outstanding charges on your student account will be deducted from the fellowship award, and you will receive a refund on any remaining funds. You are responsible for ensuring that you have direct deposit set up for your refund. The Office of the Vice President for International Affairs will not handle any refund checks issued by the bursar. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Are you participating in an exchange program?

If you are nominated for and/or formally admitted to participate in a graduate exchange program, you are required to complete certain forms and provide required documentation.