Selection criteria

Funding for joint research workshops and short-term research stays is provided on a competitive basis. Projects will be selected by a joint IU-FUB committee, giving particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Clearly formulated goals
  • Information on envisaged synergies
  • Level of concreteness of future joint research, including timeframe and information on plans for seeking extramural funding and steps for developing a joint proposal
  • Compatibility with the FUB/IU research profiles (interdisciplinary nature, excellence of project leaders, wide scope of the different fields/labs represented in the proposed project).

Proposal deadlines

The deadlines for 2019 are January 31 and September 28.

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For more information, contact the staff members listed on this page.

At Freie Universität Berlin:

Judith Winkler
Center for International Cooperation Freie Universität Berlin
Tel: +49 30 838 739 49
Email: Judith.Winkler@fu-berlin.de

At Indiana University:

Shawn Reynolds
Office of the Vice President for International Affairs Indiana University
Tel: +1 812 856 9024
Email: shreynol@iu.edu