Faculty Research

Support for teaching and research collaboration

To encourage and support faculty who wish to generate ongoing teaching and research partnerships, Indiana University and partnering universities periodically establish seed funds to initiate cross-institutional collaborations.

In recent years, Indiana University has established such funds with Renmin University of China and Free University Berlin. 

Technological assistance

For more than twenty years, Indiana University has been leading the way in the management and operation of high-speed international research networks.

These networks make it possible to quickly share large amounts of data with partners all over the globe.

Our networks reach 91 percent of countries around the world, furthering important discoveries in a range of fields including astronomy, bioinformatics, climate science, and medicine.

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Financial assistance

We offer a number of funding opportunities for every phase of the international research process. Whether you need funds to learn a new language, conduct a workshop, or get a groundbreaking project off the ground, grants are available to support you.

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