Intercultural Competence

Intercultural Competence Certificate

This certificate is a professional development opportunity for IU employees seeking to expand their understanding of the complexities of intercultural communication and collaboration.

This program will foster personal and professional growth through interactive, in-depth conversations around culture and identity and the impact they have on our work, whether in our interactions with students, colleagues, or the Bloomington community at large.

With an array of courses available, this certificate can be catered to your work responsibilities and/or personal interests and will require less than 10 hours of your time over the semester. Each course is taught by a professionally trained staff member from the Office of International Services.


Complete 4 sessions to earn the certificate

  • Complete at least one session from each category listed below.
  • You can choose to attend an intercultural event on campus and submit a short impact paragraph (writing prompts provided) in lieu of one session.

All courses will include an applicability component. If you work with or for any of IUB’s career advising offices, you are part of our pilot program for this certificate, so we are planning to tailor discussions, examples and sessions directly to your work environment. 

Sessions will be about one hour long starting at 9 a.m. on Friday mornings. Please register in advance. 

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Feel free to attend a smaller number of sessions without obtaining a certificate.



1 Required

  • Foundations of Intercultural Understanding
  • Strange Situations 


1 Required

  • Diversophy New Horizons
  • Listening Deeply for Values
  • Attend a cultural event 


1 Required

  • Life without Questions
  • Strange Situations