International Enhancement Grants


All Indiana University graduate students are eligible for this grant, regardless of discipline, department, campus, or nationality. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a program leading to a graduate degree at Indiana University
  • Have completed a minimum of six credit hours of graduate coursework at IU by the time of application deadline and twelve credit hours by the time the grant activity begins
  • Be participating in an off-campus project
  • Be returning to IU as a graduate student after the award period

To be successful, your proposal must:

  • Have an objective that can be feasibly attained over the grant period
  • Have an international focus—preference is given to applicants whose projects involve international travel
  • Demonstrate that you have the requisite skills for the proposed activities
  • Demonstrate how the experience will enhance your academic program at Indiana University

Applications for participation in overseas conferences are not eligible.

You are not eligible for this grant if you are receiving funds from another source for the same purpose and during the same award period that fully cover the costs of the proposed activity. Permission to combine an OVPIA grant with other funding will be done on a case-by-case basis. Grants may not be used to support participation in any IU program or focus on research activities, nor may they be used to fund any program intended to earn credits toward an IU degree.

Eligible activities include:

  • Enrolling in language classes not offered at IU, but directly pertaining to your IU degree program. Enrollment in advanced language classes is permitted after exhausting all training in that language offered at IU.
  • Participating in a directed internship program that will enhance academic/professional credentials
  • Attending degree-relevant classes not available at IU
  • Attending a workshop or seminar that is at least two weeks in length
  • Participating in an artist residency or training with an artist

Ineligible activities include:

  • Conducting research abroad related to a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation
  • Working as a research assistant for an IU professor doing research overseas
  • Continuing activity done after completing an IU degree
  • Enrolling in a language course abroad that is offered at IU
  • Participating in an IU-sponsored program or course or undertaking activity resulting in credits to be applied toward an IU degree
  • Fulfilling an internship requirement of a degree program
  • Presenting a paper at an overseas conference

Letters of reference

You must submit two letters of reference for the International Enhancement Grant. At least one must be from an Indiana University faculty member.

Application review process

A faculty committee will review applications for this program and select candidates for the grant. Evaluators will consider:

  • Scholastic achievement
  • Quality of the identified program
  • Validity and feasibility of the proposal
  • Faculty support as indicated by letters of reference
  • Impact the experience will have on the applicant’s academic and/or professional goals

For more information, consult the graduate student grants Frequently Asked Questions or email

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