Global Gateways

Judith Brown

The India Gateway provided a link between IU faculty and faculty working in and around New Delhi, and also a beautiful, professional space in which to meet. . . . This was a rare opportunity that will feed my future work.

Judith Brown, associate professor of English

About the Global Gateway Network

The IU Global Gateway Network was a key component of Indiana University’s Bicentennial Strategic Plan. With facilities around the globe, the establishment of the network marks a milestone in the university’s international engagement.

The mission of the IU Global Gateway Network is to be a visible presence for IU in strategically important countries, and to provide all members of the IU community with a link to resources, partners, and opportunities in support of their priorities in those countries.

Each Global Gateway aims to achieve the following in the country or region that it serves:

  • To support and expand the opportunities for Indiana University faculty members and graduate students to engage in collaborative research, short- and long-term research stays, and other forms of research activity internationally
  • To support and expand the educational opportunities available to Indiana University students around the globe
  • To support the recruitment to Indiana University of highly qualified students from other countries
  • To connect regional alumni with Indiana University, particularly by engaging them in university activities at each gateway and elsewhere in the regions the gateways serve
  • To increase the visibility of Indiana University internationally
  • In collaboration with the other offices in the Global Gateway Network, to facilitate multi-regional linkages among Indiana University’s academic and institutional partners—linkages that will help our faculty and students develop a truly global dimension to their research and learning

To support and promote our activities, we will implement a communications strategy intended to connect our academic units and faculty more closely with our partners; publicize opportunities for transatlantic research and educational relationships; and increase the visibility and impact of our faculty’s research internationally.

Build and cultivate strong relationships with leading universities and institutions around the world

Indiana University has an extensive network of international partnerships in place with leading universities—both primary relationships and unit-specific relationships. We support academic units in maintaining those relationships and in encouraging high levels of activity under the relevant agreements. We also assist in identifying and forging relationships with additional academic partners, as needed.

Many Indiana University faculty members and students obtain research and travel support from international sources, including research institutions, governmental agencies, and private foundations. We support academic units and individual researchers in maintaining existing relationships with such entities and in identifying additional sources of funding.

Work with academic units at Indiana University in support of the international dimension of their teaching and research

We support scholars at Indiana University engaged in research in other countries. We work closely with academic units and with individual researchers to assist them in identifying opportunities for collaborative activities that are aligned with their particular priorities.

We assist academic units in developing and managing cocurricular and extracurricular opportunities in each region for their students, including internships and short-term cultural experiences. We support them in working with local partners to develop innovative educational opportunities such as collaborative distance-learning initiatives and new dual degree programs.

Make effective use of our Gateway facilities, hosting high-quality programs and supporting the local activities of academic and nonacademic units

We work with the academic units and individual researchers to organize and promote research programs, including collaborative workshops and conferences based on faculty research.

We organize speaker series and other events open to the public on topics of current or general interest to local audiences. We work with academic units to identify and deliver programs that showcase areas of particular distinction in research and creative activity at Indiana University. Wherever possible, we enable participation and remote access to IU students and scholars through use of collaborative technologies.

We assist university administrators and academic units in conducting recruiting, orientation, and other student-directed programming in the regions we serve.

We work with local chapters of the IU Alumni Association to engage alumni in the activities of the Gateway and to enlist their assistance in supporting Indiana University’s international engagement efforts.